Top Reasons Why You Should Not Buy YouTube Subscribers

Do not Buy YouTube Subscribers

Top Reasons Why You Should Not Buy YouTube Subscribers

Are you thinking about buying YouTube subscribers? Well, we are here to tell you why that might not be a great idea. Today we are going to tell you why it is best to grow your subscriber count organically. So, hold your horses, and let’s dive into why you should not buy YouTube subscribers.

1. Fake Subscribers Don’t Engage

The first thing is engagement and when you are buying subscribers, you are not getting real people to genuinely like your content. Fake subscribers mean either bots or inactive accounts. And these accounts don’t like, comment, or share your content. When it comes to YouTube, engagement is the thing that will help your channel thrive. And without it, you are not going anywhere.

2. YouTube’s Policies Will Not Approve 

YouTube’s policies are the rulebook of YouTube where they clearly state that buying subscribers is unacceptable. If YouTube knows about your little YouTube subscriber shopping spree, you might get yourself in trouble. Your channel could be taken down altogether or you could get a strike. We don’t think it is worth the risk especially when you are spending money to buy subscribers.

3. Buying Subscribers Is A Hollow Victory

Sure, your subscriber count will be huge and look impressive, but this is all just smoke and mirrors. The fake subscribers you are buying will not bring any real value to your channel. In fact, if anything, they might also scare away potential genuine subscribers who will wonder why your channel has so many subscribers but so little engagement rate.

4. No Real Connection

When you are a content creator and YouTuber, you are supposed to build a community on the platform. Building a community is all about connecting with your audience, and real subscribers are your community members. Real subscribers watch your videos, they leave comments, and some of them even offer suggestions for your future content. Fake subscribers will not do that, and they will not help you build a meaningful connection on YouTube.

5. It Is A Waste Of Money

Buying YouTube subscribers is expensive and the money you are spending on it, you could spend it on improving your content or promoting it legitimately, instead. So, rather than wasting your money on fake numbers, invest them in equipment, software, or marketing strategies that will actually help your channel grow organically. 

6. Zero Watch Time

One of the most important factors in YouTube’s algorithm is watch time. The more people watch your videos, the more YouTube will promote them. Fake subscribers will not watch your videos, and therefore, your watch time will remain zero. That means, buying fake subscribers will not get the visibility that your content deserves. 

7. It Can Damage Your Reputation

If people ever get to know that you have bought subscribers, it will damage your reputation and credibility as a content creator. In these digital days, trust is hard to build. But it is equally easy to lose. If your audience loses trust in you, it will be challenging for you to gain it back.

8. You Could Lose Everything

YouTube is a volatile platform where they are regularly changing their terms and policies. If you violate their terms, they will not be afraid to ban you altogether from the platform. Buying subscribers is one of those violations that can lead them to take the step of terminating your channel. You have put your hard work into creating content. Don’t ruin it just because you want a quick subscriber boost.

9. Real Growth Feels Amazing

There is something really amazing about seeing your channel grow organically. When you earn subscribers through creating content, it is a reward for your hard work and dedication. You will appreciate the likes you get, the comments you get, and the new subscribers who join your community because they are genuinely interested in your content.

10. The Youtube Community Matters

One of the most beautiful things about the YouTube community is you get a sense of belonging and support from your fellow creators and viewers. When you buy subscribers, you are cheating your way into the community which is not good. Be a part of the YouTube family and grow with others that appreciate your hard work.


When you are growing your channel organically, it allows you to learn from your audience, and learn from the best. You will learn which videos your audience likes, and what they don’t like, and then you can modify your content accordingly. This is a useful feedback that helps you become a better creator. You can hire a good social media marketing company and SEO content marketing company to do that SEO work for your YouTube channel to grow organically. Buying subscribers will not provide it. In conclusion, buying YouTube subscribers seems like a quick fix, but it is a shortcut to nowhere.

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